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Hilink QSFPDD-400GB-DR4 Fiber Optic Module 1310NM 500M SMF MPO 12 Connector

Product Name: QSFPDD-400GB-DR4

Operating Temperature: 0-70℃

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Dual Fiber SFP Ethernet Transceiver Modules 155M 1.25G 2.5G 4G

Product Name: Dual Fiber Ethernet SFP Modules

Data Rate: 155M /1.25G /2.5G /4G

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BIDI SFP Transceiver Modules 1.25G 1310/1490nm 20KM SC/LC Simplex DDM WDM

Wavelength: 1310/1490nm

Data: 1.25Gbs

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Dual LC Connector SFP Module STM-64 10G ZR 80KM 1550nm SMF 10GBASE

Data Rate: 10GBASE

Distance: 80KM

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OM3 Optical SFP Transceiver Module 400Gb/S OSFP SR8 MMF 100m

Product Name: OSFP-400GB-SR8

Data Rate: 400G

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400Gb / S QSFP-DD SR8 100m OM3 With FEC Optical Transceiver MPO-16 Connector

Product Name: QSFPDD-400GB-SR8

Type: Fiber Optic Transceivers

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Fiber SFP Dual LC Transceiver Module 2.5G 1550nm 80KM SFP-ZX For Ethernet

Product Name: Fiber SFP Modules 2.5G

Data Rate: 2.5G

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LC Simplex Optical SMF SFP Transceiver Module 2.5G Bidi 20KM 1310 / 1550nm

Product Name: SFP SMF Module 2.5G Bidi 20KM

Data Rate: 2.5G

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Customized Hilink SFP Adapter Converter Module 100G QSFP28 To 25G SFP28 CVR-QSFP100G-SFP25G

Product Name: CVR-QSFP100G-SFP25G

Data Rate: 100G To 25G Adapter

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1000BASE-T SFP To 100 Meters CAT5 RJ45 Copper SFP Transceivers

Data Rate: 1000BASE

Package: SFP

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